Net Neutrality Under Attack – Again

Decades ago when I read Huxley’s book “1984” as a senior in high school I never really understood it and other than chuckle and giggle about taking a pill and having free sex, completely dismissed the book as fantasy.

Boy was I wrong. Today the folk’s up on the hill have turned Huxley’s bleak outlook on our future into their day to day standard operation procedure. This is especially true for the latest attempt at killing what has become known as “net neutrality” with a bill/proposal named “Restoring Internet Freedom” and it is championed by a delusional fellow (Ajit Varadaraj Pai) that believes what is good for Verizon is good for all Americans. Ajit is a member of that revolving door crowd, a former lawyer for Verizon. He is also delusional as hell and seems to base his world view exclusively on right wing talking points.

Enough, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Stop misleading the gullible American public with false and misleading claims. This notion of “Restoring Internet Freedom” is not intended to benefit Americans, it is designed to benefit those “people” known as corporations and has not a single intent of doing anything but making it easier for companies like Verizon to pick your pocket by charging you monopolistic rates for terrible service. These folks believe they are entitled to your hard earned cash and they will do everything in their power to not earn it, they will legislate it.

So it seems we are called upon once again to contact the FCC and tell them they are full of shit. The obfuscated comment page on the FCC’s website is deliberately hard to find, so just use this link to comment :