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All of Gossamer's base SEO packages include optimization for up to 12 keyword phrases. You can add an addition 12 keyword phrases with this package.

This package is ideal for those customers wanting to focus on The Long Tail, a SEO technique closely related to Google Local. The idea is to shift your SEO efforts away from hard to obtain generic keyword phrases to keyword phrase that are much more specific to your business.

An example of this is the keyword phrase 'lake tahoe', a very difficult keyword phrase to optimize. In addition, visitors to your website coming from this keyword phrase are much more unlikely to be searching for your goods or services.

Optimizing for The Long Tail is much more likely to result in highly qualified visitors to your site. So, for example, it makes much more sense to optimize for a keyword like 'lake tahoe catering', 'lake tahoe wedding catering', and 'lake tahoe cateres'.

You will need at least one page in your website for each 2-3 keyword phrases. Administrative access to your website is required.

Plan runs for a 3 month interval.


Price: $149.00

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