WordPress SEO Package

This service is ideal for those new WordPress website owners that are concerned with their lack of search engine rankings. Optimizing a WordPress website takes a bit more work than just installing a plugin.

Gossamer will quickly analyze your website to identify and fix misbehaving plugins and problems with your style sheets. Gossamer will also review the internal link structure of your website to ensure that the user experience is simple and promotes your keywords. Then we will optimize the basic internal structure of your website.

Finally, the results of your optimization effort are monitored for up to 3 months to track results and implement minor updates.

The service includes optimization for up to 12 keyword phrases and runs for 3 months.

This services includes: 1] Preliminary analysis. 2] Keyword Targeting 3] Baseline SERP generation. 4] Implementation of recommendations. 5] Bi-weekly SERP monitoring. 6] Monthly updates based on report data.


Price: $249.00

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