WannaCry? Not with Gossamer!

Last Friday a major worm named WannaCry hit the Internet stage and a lot of poor souls got locked out of their computers. NONE of my customers were impacted!

The exploit was reported to have been developed to support our “national security” by our beloved NSA. You know, those guys that want to give you a warm fuzzy feeling safe kind of world by telling you, you can only be safe if, they, the NSA records and stores all of your Internet communications. My personal view is that I can hardly feel safe when folks with such radical false viewpoints are trying to protect us.

WannaCry is front and center case in point. This work was developed by the NSA and deliberately held as a national security secret along with a host of other vulnerablilites that the NSA would rather stock pile for use rather than notify manufactureres of the issues. This leaves you and me out in the cold, subject to the whims of any Tom, Dick, or Harry that wishes to wreck havoc on you and your computer.

Feel Safe? I’d laugh if this wasn’t such a ridiculous and dangerous idea. The NSA can’t even keep their most vaunted secrets, secret.

What to do? The first and best line of defense that is strongly enforced by Gossamer is to keep ALL of your computers up to date with all “rollups” and security patches. And while some customers may complain about the occasional breakage that such a policy exposes from time to time, I don’t hear my phone ringing off the hook with irate customers that have lost the ability to access and use their computer.

Give me a call if you need a review of your network security. Be safe!

If you would like to read more insightful information about the NSA’s Vulnerabilities Equity Process (or VEP) check out The Real Roots over at The Intercept.