At Gossamer, your website is hosted on a rock solid UNIX system using Apache, the Internets’ leading web server. The strength of UNIX, is in that security is built-in, rather than added on as with the Microsoft series of operating systems. UNIX’s open source policy ensures that many more people “in the know” have a strong say in the UNIX code. The result is an operating system devoid of the constant attacks that the Microsoft series of operating system is forced to respond to. Many of the methods available for attacking Microsoft products, simply do not exist for UNIX.

Hosting Features

Our hosting model is a modified LAMP stack. Gossamer prefers FreeBSD over the idiosyncrasies of Linux (L) which may be decades away from becoming a full featured operating system. FreeBSD is a mature operating system, some 30+ years old. Gossamer deploys the latest version of Apache (A) using MySQL (M) for fast secure database access, and Perl (P).

Each of our hosting plans come with many additional features including:

  • QMail – The industry leading email server. Qmail is fast, reliable, and very secure. Qmail has never been hacked even after the authors have posted a substantial bounty.
  • RoundCube – For when you need to access your email away from home or if you prefer a web based email client.
  • ClamAV – An industry leading anti-virus solution. All email to our servers are scanned and virus free! Virus signatures are updated daily.
  • SpamAssassin – The industry standard in defeating SPAM. SpamAssassin works so well that some of my customers have called in wondering if their email was working. Eliminates hours of time spent reviewing and deleting SPAM from your in boxes.
  • Webalizer – A web site statistical reporting program lets you view all activity to your web site. Updated monthly.
  • XML Sitemaps – Generates a sitemap of your website automatically and submits the sitemap to the major search engines. Eliminates the need to manually generate a new sitemap for your web site each time you add or delete a page. Updated weekly.
  • Connectivity – Our servers are connected to the Internet backbone using redundant Cisco 6509s using HSRP (Hot-Swap Routing Protocol) and VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol). The result is connectivity that comes as close to 100% uptime as is possible.
  • Disk Space – At Gossamer you get ample disk space for all your needs!

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Gossamer uses two content management systems to generate and maintain  our web sites. For our static based websites we use DreamWeaver coupled with WEBDav.  Gossamer maintains strict HTML coding standards where possible. Much of the HTML5 specification is still up for review and updates and as such, it may not be possible to strictly adhere to a changing standard. In addition, upgrading older websites with newer features can and does result in various coding inconsistency that are normally unnoticable.

As any user of DreamWeaver  understands, DreamWeaver does not always generate HTML code adhering to  W3C standards. We always post process our DreamWeaver pages with a tool  ensuring strict adherence to coding standards not obtainable with using  DreamWeaver alone.

We also utilize WordPress which offers up  thousands of free templates and supports numerous plugins to add  functionality to your web site. Originally just a blogging tool,  WordPress has matured into a full featured CMS and has gained wide  spread adoption. The clean seperation between the “theme” of a WordPress website and it’s content often time provides smoother transistions to newer coding standards than do most statically generated websites.

Open Source