Win10 Update Hysteria

Those that follow my work know that I am not a huge fan of Windows 10, Microsoft’s current flagship operating system. I object to the idiom that use of an operation system, any operating system, should result in giving out free marketing data to the publisher. And while you can block most of this data collection, it is neither convenient, nor do you get paid to do it.

One of my initial objections was the insistence of Microsoft to force updates upon the user, a problem that has only been partially address. Case in point, august’s updates:

This update is great news for those who defer Windows 10 Anniversary Update patches. For others, not so much.

While the author at ComputerWorld general recommends turning off monthly updates, this can and will leave you open to malware attacks, a long standing feature of all Microsoft’s products. The correct procedure for running Windows 10 updates is to have one or more test machines available and once you have verified that there are no issues, go ahead and install the patches on your remaining network.

And ALWAYS have a great Internet Security product installed.