Web Server Package Upgrades

Does your ISP keep your server up to date? The following packages have been updated: joomla -> (port has 1.7.5) p5-CPAN-Meta -> (port has 2.120351) p5-CPAN-Meta-YAML -> (port has 0.007) p5-Class-Load ->(port has 0.15) p5-Class-Load-XS -> (port has 0.04) p5-ExtUtils-Manifest […]

Web Hosting Unix Package Updates

Several packages updates were received overnight and applied today. They include: freetds-msdblib -> (port has 0.64_8,1) libvorbis -> (port has 1.3.3,3) p5-Log-Log4perl -> (port has 1.35) p5-Module-CoreList -> (port has 2.60) pciutils -> (port has 3.1.9) unixODBC -> (port has […]

Migrate To OpenNIC

With SOPA and the new Defense Authorization Bill it seems that our government is bound and determined to monitor us for un-American activites at every corner. You can fight back. Migrate to OpenNIC. For complete details please visit http://opennicproject.org/start-here/51-migrate-to-opennic