Microsoft’s Bloatware

Microsoft has never been known for doing things right the first time, at even right at all. In their zest to limit a system administrations options by basically seizing control over updates ala Win10 they now face a new totally new avoidable problem. Since their new cumulative updates include everything every month, the size of the updates is getting huge: already 500Mb for Win10 users and Win7 users will see the same problem very, very soon.

I am already unhappy with October’s rollup. I never gave Microsoft the license to adjust my power saving settings or to change how my windows “snap” when I drag them. But change these settings they did and I have had to deal with it by wasting time resetting my power options and looking up how to disable the aero view snap/shake by editing the registry. These folks are not long for the trash bin.

Meanwhile those folks with metered or less than fat pipes are now facing tough choices.

Windows users face update bloat, and tough choices

Windows 10’s cumulative updates have ballooned in size, and a similar bloat will also affect the Windows 7 updates that Microsoft revamped this month. According to data published last month by LANDesk and refreshed by Computerworld with October’s numbers, Windows 10 cumulative updates for the three versions of the new OS have surged in size.

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