FreeBSD updates August 08, 2009

The following packages were updated:

  • apr-gdbm-db42-mysql-
  • docbook-xml-4.2_1
  • gnome-icon-theme-2.26.0_2
  • gconf2-2.26.2_1
  • libglade2-2.6.4_1
  • libnotify-0.4.5_1
  • libsexy-0.1.11_2
  • libwnck-2.26.2_1
  • libxcb-1.4
  • opencart-1.2.6
  • pciids-20090807
  • pecl-pdflib-2.1.6_1
  • png-1.2.38
  • subversion-1.6.4 – critical security update
  • sugarcrm-5.2.0d
  • xulrunner-

There are a number of minor updates to some X11 related modules that currently fail to build, mainly due to the lack of gconf2-2.4 in the ports distribution. Even those modules that still include gconf2.2 fail to build correctly as they fail to recognize that gconf2.2 is current and attempt to needlessly rebuild and install the module.

This seems to be a common feature in the X11 distributions, not enough attention is paid to build dependencies, as anyone who builds and maintains X11 can attest.

My main interest in X11 related tools stems from the MVC model for web design. While this model is appealing, use of the model is cumbersome and it’s dependence on Java presents noticeable performance problems.

None of the X11 related tools are currently in production use.

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