Sigma Engineering goes 2.0 with Gossamer

Sigma Engineering Services, a structural design and analysis services company specializing in the area of stress and dynamic structural cheap NBA jerseys analysis, has chosen Gossamer Web Design to design and host their new website.

Sigma cheap jerseys Engineering owner Steve Spencer wanted a website that was also capable of serving several back-office functions he required to provide more efficient document support for his clients. Each of his clients would need a wholesale MLB jerseys private, confidential support section and cheap nba jerseys Steve wanted to populate his new website himself. Steve also needed to easily upload and share thousands of documents, not to mention the ability to search through them.

Gossamer recommended ??????????????????????? WordPress. What? Isn’t WordPress just for bloggers?

WordPress is much, much more. It is a Content Management System (CMS) capable, with the help of a plugin or two, of providing Sigma Engineering Services with a low cost solution meeting all of his requirements.

After Steve selected a template Gossamer quickly configured Steve’s new website per his requirements. After a brief learning curve Steve was able to begin to fill in the content of his website.

I did an upload and it works well…pretty easy to do. Thanks for putting it テストRSS all together…it looks good and is working well.


If you want to check on Steve’s progress, Z you can Gossamer visit his website at You can view Gossamer’s WordPress website packages in our store.

Thank you Rahul.

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