Search Engine Optimization

SEM and SEO are perhaps the most hyped aspect of website marketing and the least understood. And there are plenty of vendors offering the magic silver bullets, claiming to boost your website to the top of the search engine heap!

Aside from the insult of claims that Google can be gamed, there are sound technical reasons using a bit of linear algebra that demonstrate that anyone claiming to have unraveled Google’s secrets; are akin to snake oil salesmen.

New search engine improvements, like Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing, are designed to enhance the quality of searches, which today, require detection of any gaming techniques.

Gossamer offers basic SEM services, void of gaming techniques, that can optimize your site for specific keyword phrases, that when coupled with link building programs and continuous content creation, will get you noticed.

Often basic optimization can demonstrate results in as little time as a week, but any serious effort at optimization can only be measured over longer time periods. In almost all cases, applying basic optimization to your website will generate more traffic than any service promising to send traffic your way for a monthly fee.

Optimize Your WordPress Website

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