Vacation Rentals

For those customers requiring higher levels of integration of their business services with the Internet, Gossamer offers services designed to integrate your online reservation system seamlessly into your marketing website. While many high quality software packages exist that enable a business with the savvy to run one or more servers in-house to run some pretty sophisticated reservation processes; the user experience usually lacks depth. Which is why you should focus on integrating your reservation system into your marketing website.

Deploying an in-house reservation system also requires disaster backup and recovery processes, environmental concerns such as UPS, and security and legal issues. And it helps to speak the language of your networking and computer vendors.

Gossamer’s integration techniques focus on integrating your online reservation system into your marketing website, not vice-versa, thereby eliminating many of risks associated with running in-house services, and helping to reduce costs. In addition, you gain content rank with the search engines!

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