Your First Time?

If so, I am sure you are confused by the myriad of options you face. Should I do it myself? Where should I host the site? What is web hosting anyway? Gossamer can help you through the process. We combine nearly three decades of experience including over a decade of web design experience, a decade of designing software that is easy to use with another decade of making complex systems work together.

Gossamer can make your experience clear. We can guide you through the process of creating a web site from scratch if you have the marketing know how to market your company and products. You supply the images and copy. Your first website should help you save on operating costs, help you retain and acquire new customers, and offer you new ways to introduce new practices and business offerings.

First Time WordPress Website

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    • e-Commerce

      To expand your business to sell online you don’t need to break the bank. Gossamer reviews dozens of online solutions every year and we are proud to recommend and use, Instinct Entertainment’s WP e-Commerce Plugin for WordPress.

    • Lake Tahoe Advertising

      Gossamer offers context rich Internet advertising for your web marketing programs. Your ads are designed to help you build effective back links to your current website while increasing your traffic of new customers.

    • Search Optimization (SEO)

      Internal optimizations, KEI monitoring programs, and increase ROI. Countless studies have placed search engine marketing at the top of the ‘most effective forms of online marketing’ list.

    • System Administration

      Microsoft update help, new software installations, hardware diagnostics, and more.

    • Web Design

      Introductory websites, redesigns, and more.

    • Web Hosting

      Out of site, out of mind. We take care of everything with better than 99% uptime.

    • WordPress Services

      Give your WordPress website all the TCL it deserves. Gossamer offers a variety of WordPress related services all designed to make your life with your WordPress website worry free.

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